Jennifer Stady, a Portland native, was born into an artistic family of musicians, teachers, outdoorsmen and knitters who hailed from the UK and Ukraine by way of Canada. She followed her heart and artistic pursuits around the United States and Europe before settling in Portland and founding Laundry in 2000. She believes whole heartedly in the powerful fusion of art, fashion, design and craft and brings the appropriate amount of each to all projects she is faced with. Before starting Laundry, Jennifer went to PSU and received a degree in Graphic Design and French and later went to NYU, earning a Masters of Art in Painting.


Raised in northeastern Wisconsin, and based in Portland, Oregon, since 2003, Andrea Humphrey has been with Laundry Studio for the past nine years. When she's not at the studio, she's out exploring the personalities of Oregon's rural areas by combing through thrift and antique stores, hiking on mountainous trails for days at a time, or driving the backroads of the countryside. When the rain tells her to stay home, you will find her flipping through cookbooks, or at her loom weaving rugs. 


In Janaury of 2014, Jennifer and her son, Nicholas, befriended a lost dog, whom they brought into their family and named Bing. He loves coming to the Laundry office at The Eastbank with its charming and diverse canine work force. He is a 4-year-old boxer pit mix who has learned to appreciate cats.