Jennifer Stady

Jennifer has over 20 years of experience doing the thing she loves most - making art and creating beautiful patterns. She has traveled the world studying and teaching design and art history and is a fluent French speaker. She received her MA from NYU and continues to create and show her artwork which tends towards the photographic and conceptual.

In her free time Jennifer loves to sing and dance with her son Nicholas.

Emily Bulfin

Emily collaborated with Jennifer Stady for several years before officially partnering with Laundry in 2007. Emily is excited that her career has lead her to Laundry and thrives on the studio's creative energy. Before this, she worked as an art director and designer in new media and film. She came to Portland from Santa Cruz in search of better rain and a good life with her husband, kitty and horse. While not working at Laundry, Emily enjoys riding dressage and pursuing art projects.